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Lebanese wines and alcoholic beveragesWe Card

wineMore than any other eating establishment in Quebec, the restaurant “Aux Lilas” has sought to highlight the Lebanese wine production here. And our wine list and liquor is tangible proof. That’s why we are proud to present the nomenclature of all those wonderful products that are the pride of the country of cedars.

In fact the wine production in Lebanon is much earlier than that of wine in Europe, since the Phoenicians, the ancestors of today’s Lebanese exported their wines at the court of the Pharaohs there over 3000 years! It is also remarkable in those browsers that we owe the spread of wine on the shores of the Mediterranean.

For those who are more interested in deepening their knowledge of wine production of this remarkable country, let us suggest that you get the best Wine Guide Lebanese Zawaq Guide, published in 2012, a true reference manual both the country’s history as another way to visit.

And here is the list of those wonderful nectar that appear on our wine list. The Aux Lilas restaurant invites you to discover them and, we hope to adopt them as did many of our customers for years!